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Through-Course Common Core Assessments in the United States: Can Summative Assessment Be Formative?

In this paper, we present a design for enhancing the formative uses of summative through-course assessments.

Way, Walter D., Larsen McClarty, Katie, Murphy, Dan, Ken, Leslie , Fuhrken, Charles 04-01-2011
Bulletin #18: An Investigation of an Assessment-Centered Learning Environment with Formative Use

Learning environments centered on assessments provide opportunities for feedback that yield information with potential benefit for improving learning and instruction.

Arce, Alvaro J. 12-01-2010
Running Head: Predicting ELP A Multi-level Modeling Approach to Predicting Performance on a State ELA Assessment

The purpose of this study was to examine on a State English Language Proficiency Examination for grades K-12 (a) the performance of students in low SES environments vs. high SES environments as measured by school Title I participation, (b) the performance of males vs. females, (c) the effect of ethnicity( Hispanic vs. non-Hispanic students), and (d) any interaction effects.

Brown, Raymond S., Nguyen, T., Stephenson, A. 05-01-2010
Correlates of Mathematics Achievement in Developed and Developing Countries: An HLM Analysis of TIMSS 2003 Eighth-grade Mathematics Scores

The purpose of this study was to investigate correlates of math achievement in both developed and developing countries. Specifically, two developed countries and two developing countries that participated in the TIMSS 2003 eighth-grade math assessment were selected for this study. For each country, contextual factors at both the student and the teacher/school levels were used to construct Correlates of Math Achievement 3 models that yield country-specific findings related to students’ math performance.

Phan, Ha, Sentovich, Christina, Kromrey, Jeffrey, Dedrick, Robert, Ferron, John 05-01-2010
Bulletin #12: What is a learning progression?

Learning progressions describe in words and examples what it means to move over time toward more expert understanding. This bulletin discusses research, assessment development, and the Pearson Foundation support for ongoing efforts relating to learning progressions.

Nichols, Paul D. 02-02-2010
Perspective™-Integrated Assessment and Instructional Resources System

The Learning Locator is the mechanism that connects students with appropriate learning materials based on their assessment performance.

Meyers, Jason L., Nichols, Paul, Shin, David 03-01-2008
Bulletin #5: What is Formative Assessment?

What is formative assessment? Looking across the evolution of the term "formative assessment," the common thread is that a formative assessment is defined by more than the assessment itself.

Burling, Kelly, Meyers, Jason, Nichols, Paul D. 01-01-2008