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Always Learning


Pearson's experienced researchers and psychometricians will help you build the foundation, inspect the results, and ask the right questions as you develop an effective assessment system for your students.

Item and Test Development

Pearson can help you lay the groundwork for a strong, yet flexible assessment system by developing clear and precise test items, assessment tools, and professional development materials. Meet a higher standard for innovation, diversity, and accuracy with our item and test development services.

Scoring and Reporting

Pearson’s comprehensive technology, diversified scorer pool, and high-level security have set us apart in the realm of performance scoring for decades. Make informed decisions with an easy-to-use scoring and reporting system that delivers timely, accurate results.


Important breakthroughs often begin with two simple words: “What if?” Our experienced researchers and psychometricians lead the industry in standards alignment, standard setting, comparability studies, growth modeling, and survey design and analysis. We can help you translate complex next-generation assessment issues, evaluate your current assessment program, and learn about emerging trends.