Easily administer and score clinical assessments using 1:1 iPads.

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How can I purchase Q-interactive?

Do I need to complete a Pearson Qualification Form?

What is included with my Q-interactive Annual License?

How do I calculate the total cost of Q-interactive?

Can I roll over pre-paid subtests that aren’t used within my current license period?

Can I add users to my account midway through the year?

What if I run out of usages before my license expires?

Is there special pricing for classrooms and training programs?

Are there Research Assistance Program (RAP) discounts available for Q-interactive?

Do I need to be connected to the Internet for Q-interactive to work?

What hardware is required?

May I use my own iPad?

Can Q-interactive be used with Android devices?

Can I administer tests using a desktop or laptop computer instead of an iPad?

What version of the iPad can I use?

May I use Q-interactive with an iPad Pro or iPad Mini?

What options do I have for training?

How do I register for an upcoming training webinar?

Do I have to pay for subtests in order to practice using Q-interactive?

Is there a way I can try Q-interactive before purchasing the system?

What is Q-interactive?

How does Q-interactive differ from Q-global?

Can I set up administrators to help manage my Q-interactive account?

Can I assign a certain amount of subtest usage to specific license holders?

Will I have to accept legal conditions each time I log on to Q-interactive?

What Personally Identifiable Information is currently collected via Q-interactive?

Where will client data be stored?

Why is the data stored in Canada, instead of in the United States?

How will client data be secured when using Q-interactive?

Can Pearson use my client data for research?

Is Pearson HIPAA compliant?

Are the latest HITECH changes to the HIPAA rules incorporated in Pearson's BAA?

Does Q-interactive offer the exact test items found in the paper/pencil version?

Are the scores obtained from Q-interactive equivalent to paper/pencil administration?

Do I still need paper materials to administer some subtests?

Do I have to purchase a WPPSI-IV starter kit if I own the paper kit?

How can I access test manuals?

Can I still do things like test the limits and pick out of range start points when testing digitally?

Do I have a permanent record of my client’s responses?

Can I delete clients or assessment sessions from my account?

Do I have to pay extra for scoring?

Can I export data for multiple clients at once?

What is the difference between Sync and Remove?