An Educator’s Guide to the Digital Assessment Library for Schools Webinar (Register Now)

Presenter(s): Ellen Murphy, Kim Elizondo, Natalie Barnard, Sandra Juarez, Deb Grill

Want to learn more about how a single purchase order can supply your entire district with unlimited use of 40+ leading digital assessments for cognition, achievement, behavior, language, and more? Join us for a 45-minute live session and learn about Pearson's Digital Assessment Library and the many ways it can benefit your district.  

Digital Assessment Library for Schools: 5 Things to Know

While it’s hard to summarize all the benefits of the Digital Assessment Library for Schools (DALS), we know your time is limited so we’ve put together a quick, 45-minute introductory webinar that covers how you can:   

  1. Improve staff engagement and retention with the most innovative digital assessments available  
  2. Get access to all the tests you use every day – and more  
  3. Simplify SPED budgeting 
  4. Offer more engaging assessments to students 
  5. Reduce the number of kits to store, inventory, and carry around