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For many students, the transition from the static nature of elementary school to the dynamics of middle school can be a huge adjustment. Not only are they contending with a daily schedule full of classroom changes and the new-found freedom of passing periods, they’re discovering that each teacher has a unique personality, their own way of doing things, and a whole slew of unique expectations. The pressures, freedoms, and expectations on them can, and often do, add up to an outcrop of behavior issues that can be difficult for their teachers to manage on their own. For one school district in Garland, Texas, Review360 was the answer to many of the issues their teachers, administrators, and students were facing.

Robert Weyman, the assistant principal of J.W. O’Banion Middle School in the Garland Independent School District, has discovered that Review360’s utility goes way beyond documenting behavior incidences and serving up interventions. It’s become a medium through which teachers can instantly document incidences, yes, but it also allows them to communicate those incidences to the students’ other teachers along with the interventions that have helped to curtail the behaviors — and the ones that haven’t. The system alerts administration when an office referral has been given, and sends an email detailing the behavior. If there is a major incident in the building, administration is notified instantly via email, allowing for a fast response without creating the unnecessary confusion and discord that typically ensues when using the intercom system.

While teachers initially felt that they had someone “looking over their shoulder”, they quickly came to realize the benefits of the new behavior management system. While the perks of being able to communicate with their cohorts about individual students’ behaviors were fairly obvious, the secondary benefit came as a bit of a surprise. Students began to realize that their teachers were in close communication, and they were no longer able to play one teacher against another, or be deceptive about what a teacher in another classroom “allows”. The students quickly responded to the consistency between classrooms, and as a result, everyone benefited!

Review360's returns don’t end in the classrooms, and they don’t end in the hallways, nor do they end in the principal’s office. They are experienced all the way through to each students’ home, where their parents are regularly notified of behavior incidents, interventions, and best of all — progress.

Review360’s web-based system also enhances communication among teachers for students who are in both regular AND special education settings, and helps improve outcomes for all students.

Review360 provides:

  • Universal screening
  • Progress monitoring
  • Incident reporting and analysis
  • Professional development for teachers
  • Evidence-based, consistent interventions

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