• Quickly estimate each student’s reading level with DRA3

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    Whether the first bell of the new school year rings virtually or in person, with it begins the process of benchmarking to determine each student’s ability level in every major domain. Because all learning begins with reading, knowing the strength of each of your student’s reading ability is going to be paramount in the very short term — as if the clock's tick wasn’t loud enough already.

    Half the battle is knowing where to start

    DRA3’s Level Estimator, as its name suggests, will quickly provide you with each student’s estimated reading level, giving you the best possible indication of where to begin instruction.

    Have a minute?

    DRA3’s Level Estimator will give you the in-depth information you need to plan instruction and foster a love a reading... in less time than it takes to watch this video.  

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  • Wondering what behavior management in your classroom will look like?

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    Review360 is with you every step of the way!

    Your back-to learning plan may not look the same as it has in the years past, but one thing is for certain — addressing student behavior will still be at the center of it.

    Review360®, our comprehensive, web-based behavior solution, saves you valuable time and improves communication between teachers, administrators, and home. Suitable for general and special education, Review360 goes beyond typical “behavior management” programs to provide screening for the social-emotional skills and common mental health concerns often at the root of the behaviors themselves.

    Incident reporting, data management, consistent interventions, progress monitoring, customizable reporting, and tailored on-demand professional development are all at your fingertips.

    Feature enhancements and simplified subscription model

    Review360’s 2020 enhancements include:

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