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Spoken Chinese Test


Overview: The Spoken Chinese Test (SCT) is a 20-minute test delivered over the phone or on the computer that assesses proficiency in Mandarin Chinese among adult native speakers.

Other Languages: Instructions: English and Mandarin Chinese; Test Items: Mandarin Chinese

Administration: Computer or Phone

Completion Time: 20 minutes


Product Details

The Spoken Chinese Test is the most consistent way to quickly assess conversational skill level among native Chinese speakers. Developed in cooperation with Peking University, this 20-minute test measures proficiency in learners from any native language background for placement, progress monitoring, and exit testing. The Spoken Chinese Test can be delivered over the phone or computer and is composed of eight different item types such as Short Answer Questions, Tone Recognition, Sentence Builds, and Passage Retellings.  Individual tests are created from items drawn randomly from a vast item pool so test validity is never compromised.

Within minutes of completion, the Spoken Chinese Test will return an overall score, as well as subscores for grammar, vocabulary, fluency, pronunciation, and tone. Test scores are calculated automatically by the Versant automated scoring system and show a 98% correlation with human scores of the same test.  Scores are correlated to CEFR, ACTFL OPI, and HSK Speaking scales.

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