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Overview: Screen, monitor, and report student progress for grades pre-K–12

Age Range: Assessments for grades pre-K–8; Norms for grades pre-K–12

Other Languages: English and Spanish versions available

Administration: Individual test administrations for grades pre-K–1, and computer-based administration for grades 2-12

Scoring Options: Online scoring with digital record forms for grades pre-K and 1, and computer-based auto scoring for grades 2 and up

Report Options: Real-time reporting at the student, class, grade, school, district, and state levels; local and national norms; Rate of Improvement (ROI); student growth norms; ELL reports; risk status, Lexile® and Quantile® reporting, and new current performance, growth, and skills plan summary reports. Learn More


Product Details

aimswebPlus measures what matters

aimswebPlus provides multiple universal-\ screening, benchmarking, and progress monitoring assessments to give educators the reliable data they need to improve students' math and reading skills.

It gives educators the data they need to make informed decisions early, before students fall seriously behind. Through universal screening and benchmarking, aimswebPlus identifies and groups students according to risk. Student performance is compared to established cut scores and national or local norms, and reported three times per year.

The sensitive progress monitoring included in aimswebPlus enables more brief assessments, making it easy to demonstrate growth toward individualized goals and to document response to instructional changes.

Storing online assessments, reports, and data management in the convenient aimswebPlus system makes it easier for teachers to monitor students' progress, determine whether their instruction and interventions are effective, manage student assessment data—and keep students moving forward.

Features & Benefits

aimswebPlus provides:

  • Teacher-administered assessments for Kindergarten and Grade 1
  • Online delivery for Grades 2-8
  • Summary reports, detailed student reports, and class reports that make it easy for teachers to turn data into in-classroom instructional decisions
  • Quick, effective math and reading assessments that provide reports with Lexile® measures for reading and Quantile® measures for math
  • Online test administration and instant progress reporting
  • Updated norms and new measures
  • New untimed, standards-aligned measures that are compatible with any curriculum
  • Cost-effective, flexible, scalable, and sustainable

aimswebPlus requires no network or computer-based installation.

View more information about system requirements for aimswebPlus.


Most aimswebPlus screening and progress monitoring measures can be administered in just one to four minutes.

View more information about administration and scoring and reporting.


To learn more about aimswebPlus, please view the following resources


Upcoming Webinars

  • Chart your students Math growth with tools from Pearson

    Presenter: Rob Dyson

    Do you know if your students are on track for success in Mathematics? Are you able to track their growth from Fall, Winter, to Spring? Join us as we showcase our solutions for screening, benchmarking, and progress monitoring for the K-12 mathematics classroom? Come join Pearson as we share how aimswebPlus and GRADE can drive your RTI or MTSS program. We will also provide a quick preview of Calcularis, the game based intervention tool from Dybuster.

    Date: Nov 01, 2018  Time: 02:00 PM EDT  Register Now
    Date: Nov 06, 2018  Time: 10:00 AM EST  Register Now


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