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Group Mathematics Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluation Online
(GMADE Online)


Overview: GMADE™ (Group Mathematics Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluation) Online is a diagnostic mathematics test that measures individual student skills in the main areas of math, and helps educators in grades 2-12 pinpoint areas where students need instruction.

Accreditation: Sold only to accredited/approved schools & school districts

Age Range: Grades 2-12

Administration: Online

Completion Time: 50-90 minutes

Forms: 7 Levels with two parallel forms for each level

Scores/Interpretation: Online Scoring and Reporting


Product Details

GMADE Online

GMADE™ Online offers paperless administration, automated scoring, and reports within minutes. For grades 2-12, it includes the following three subtests:

  • Concepts and Communication
  • Operations and Computation
  • Process and Applications

Guide Instruction Using Focused Testing

GMADE™ provides the information you need to pinpoint areas where students require additional help in mathematics.

GMADE Online measures individual student skills in the core areas of math as identified by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Use GMADE Online to determine what students have mastered and where they need instruction, intervention, or enrichment.

Features & Benefits

GMADE Online is accurate, in-depth, and easy-to-use evaluation will:

  • Save time through whole group administration
  • Lead directly to instruction and intervention with automated  scoring that provides assessment results immediately
  • Track student growth from grades 2 to grade 12 with two parallel forms and Growth Scale Values (GSVs)
  • Communicate assessment data in a variety of meaningful ways with two group reports and one individual student report
  • Move through the assessment cycle easily and quickly to show progress using related products that provide focused instruction
  • Aid in guiding instruction to ensure student success while helping deliver Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) gains
  • Use GMADE as part of an RTI program to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses for struggling students so that appropriate targeted instructional interventions can be created.

Content Area

GMADE Online provides all of the elements you need to correctly and proficiently assess all mathematical competencies. With GMADE Online rich assessment data, you can determine placement of students, analyze strengths and weaknesses, plan instruction, monitor growth from grade to grade, help with post-secondary educational planning, and more.

GMADE Online uses the standards set by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and is correlated to the NCTM Focal Points, diagnostically assessing core skills in the following three areas: Concepts & Communication, Operations & Computation, Process & Application.

Each subtest contains questions or items designed to measure specific skills that are developmentally appropriate for that level. As GMADE Online tests progress, each measures sequentially more challenging skills appropriate to the specific levels.

The GMADE Online assessment was carefully developed to provide a broad sampling of appropriate mathematical tasks, based on a yearlong internal research study of:

  • state standards
  • curriculum benchmarks
  • scope and sequence plans of common math textbook series
  • review of research on best-practice for teaching and learning math concepts and skills

Available on CD-ROM, the GMADE Math Resource Library provides numerous reproducible activities and worksheets to reinforce critical math skills and help establish a direct link from test results to intervention. The nine CDs, one for each GMADE level, offer remediation, on-level practice, and enrichment exercises. Each level offers sample worksheets that provide students, small groups, or an entire class opportunities to practice and strengthen their skills.
In addition, professional development courses are available to help make the GMADE assessment more meaningful to every teacher, improving the quality of your instruction.

GMADE Online Technical Requirements


GMADE Online Sample Reports

  • Individual Score Summary & Analysis
    This report provides a detailed analysis of a student's individual performance by level/form. It includes a breakdown of their responses by composite and subtest, as well as a detailed diagnostic analysis of a student's mastery of specific reading- or math-related skills, including number correct, number possible, number attempted, and percent correct. Included on all reports is a quick descriptor of student performance (strength, average, weakness) based on stanines for the level administered.

  • Group Diagnostic Analysis by Type
    This report gives teachers a quick glimpse into their student's strengths and weaknesses by subtest and item type. For example, within Concepts and Communications, item types include geometry, measurement, numeration, quantity, statistics, and time.

  • Group Score Summary
    This group report is intended to give the classroom teacher an overall picture of how the group performed on each subtest. Each student's subtest and total scores are included along with each student's Growth Scale Value (GSV) and an average GSV for the class. The Growth Scale Values (GSVs) for the total reading and math composites can be used by schools to measure a student's growth across grades.


GMADE Online Resources


  • Pearson provides a variety of training options for GMADE Online. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us at 800-328-5999.



Pre-recorded Webinars

  • Utilizing GRADE/GMADE Data to Drive Instruction

    Presenter: Misty Sprague

    During this session the presenter will demonstrate how the Group Reading and Diagnostic Evaluation(GRADE) and Group Math and diagnostic evaluation (GMADE) help to make reading and math more meaningful to each and every student, which will improve the overall quality of instruction. We will also look at understanding how to align the GRADE/GMADE assessment results with correlated interventions to help students improve weaknesses or challenge strengths. This session serves as a good introduction to school personnel who would like to learn more about GRADE/GMADE and how it can be used in their schools.

    Date: Sep 05, 2013





  • Group Math and Diagnostic Evaluation (GMADE)

    Presenter: Misty Sprague

    During this session the presenter will demonstrate how the Group Math and Diagnostic Evaluation (GMADE) help to make reading more meaningful to each and every student, which will improve the overall quality of instruction.

    Date: Nov 15, 2012






Pricing & Ordering

$5.25 per student subscription*, per school year
(August 1 - July 31), for unlimited ONLINE forms!

*The per student subscription enables you to test the same student as many times as needed during the school year (between August 1 and July 31).

Contact us for details at 800-328-5999.

ONLINE Minimum Order Charge

A minimum order charge of $250.00 is required if you are purchasing this ONLINE product for the first-time.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Pearson Customer Service

1-800-328-5999 or contact us online

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