Pearson's Research & Innovation Network Portrays Power of Technology to Transform Learning
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Pearson's Research & Innovation Network Portrays Power of Technology to Transform Learning

Washington, D.C. — July 23, 2013 —

Globalization, rising standards and technology are driving changes in education. As part of its ongoing investment in teaching and learning, Pearson established a Research & Innovation Network to provide focused research aimed at developing capabilities to solve the most pressing challenges in education. The Network supports five centers led by accomplished researchers who provide intellectual and research leadership in the field and advise practitioners working on the front lines of education.

Today Pearson's Research & Innovation Network announced its vision for learning's future in a new "School of Thought" video series. Created by Drs. Jeff Borden and Rob Kadel, the videos portray a future for education that integrates technology into everyday life to make anytime, anywhere learning possible—learning that is personalized, connected and virtual. Through the eyes of learners, the "School of Thought" videos demonstrate how innovative connections among technology, educational psychology and cognitive neuroscience can change how we think about learning.

Commenting on the series, Pearson CEO John Fallon said, "These videos tell three stories of the future of learning, offering a glimpse of the trends, possibilities and opportunities to apply technology in ways that personalize, transform and open up all sorts of engaging learning opportunities for all of us. That is at the very heart of everything we do—ensuring that always learning is open and available to all learners."

Under the overall leadership of Kimberly O'Malley, Ph.D., each of the Research & Innovation Network centers has a distinct, yet related, research agenda, including:

  • Improving learning and teaching using digital data;
  • College and career success;
  • Learning and assessment focused on student performance;
  • Online learning; and
  • Educator effectiveness.

Of the videos, Dr. O'Malley said, "We know more about the science of learning, the psychology of learning, and connecting through education technology than ever before in human history. So, it's crucial to do more than think through future scenarios. Instead, we describe the future vision and research ways to bring reality closer to that vision. That is what we did with the 'School of Thought' videos. It is the future target upon which our research agenda is based."

View the video series here:

About Pearson's Research & Innovation Network
To help address the most pressing questions facing teachers and students, Pearson brought together top education experts in the Research & Innovation Network with the mission to research and invent capabilities and tools educators need to create engaging, meaningful, and personalized learning that leads to student success. The Research & Innovation Network is led by Dr. Kimberly O'Malley, Senior Vice President of Research and Development, and supports five centers: the Center for Digital Data, Analytics & Adaptive Learning; the Center for College & Career Success; the Center for NextGen Learning & Assessment; the Center for Online Learning; and the Center for Educator Effectiveness. For more information about the Pearson's Research & Innovation Network, visit

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