Video Series Illustrates the Potential of Next-Generation Assessments
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Video Series Illustrates the Potential of Next-Generation Assessments

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — June 9, 2011 —

Pearson today unveiled a new video series illustrating and explaining many of the concepts that underpin next-generation assessments, including the use of multimedia in test items, measuring student growth and increased student engagement. These first three videos are part of an ongoing series that is now available on Pearson's Next Generation Assessments website, which is dedicated to resources that assist and support the education community in moving from paper-and-pencil to online assessments and in taking full advantage of the potential technology has to transform the cycle of teaching and learning.

"Just as students will be better able to understand and demonstrate knowledge when they can interact with test items on a computer screen in front of them, these videos help illustrate the tangible methods that are part of next-generation assessments to the broadest possible audience," said Shilpi Niyogi, Executive Vice President, National Services, Pearson Assessment & Information. "The series features some of the leading research and content experts in the field of assessment and makes their insight and expertise widely available. Via graphics, simulations and direct explanations, the videos help make complex and abstract concepts concrete for parents, teachers, administrators, policymakers and students. We invite you to watch the videos and share with others to collectively build greater understanding about the potential of next generation of assessments."

Videos now available are:

  • "The Power of Technology to Improve Assessment: The Water Cycle"
    Presented by Jon Twing, Executive Vice President and Chief Measurement Officer
    In this video, Twing demonstrates one way Pearson is using technology to improve teaching and personalize learning. Through the use of a water cycle example he illustrates the power of technology to engage students through an interactive environment.

  • "Measuring Student Growth"
    Presented by Kimberly O'Malley, Vice President, Psychometric Services
    College and career readiness reforms are driving changes in the ways in which the nation uses student test data. In this video, O'Malley defines, compares and contrasts the terms: student growth, value-added models, and teacher effectiveness.

  • "Authentic Uses of Modern Media in Assessment"
    Presented by Randy Craighead, Senior Content Specialist
    Next generation assessments need to measure a broader range of English-language arts skills including speaking, listening and research skills. In this video, Craighead demonstrates a computer-enhanced item which includes audio, animation, and text, to show the power of technology in measuring what a student knows and can do.

Future videos in the series will include demonstrations of innovative item types designed specifically to measure standards in math, science and English-language arts, and applications for universal design to maximize the accessibility of the assessments for all students.To view these videos and access the growing library of materials Pearson has developed to support the development of next-generation assessments, visit the web site, Next Generation Assessments, and the video series can be accessed in the "Tools and Resources" section located to the left.

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