Ohio Education Groups Participate in New Pearson Customer Program
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Ohio Education Groups Participate in New Pearson Customer Program

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. — March 31, 2011 —

Pearson, the global leader in learning technology and services, today announced partnerships with two Ohio education groups taking part in a new student information system (SIS) migration project.

The Tri-Rivers Educational Computer Association (TRECA) in Marion, Ohio, and the Northwest Ohio Computer Association (NWOCA) have chosen “eSIS Customer Advantage,” a new Pearson program for customers using the eSIS student information system. The program was created by Pearson to serve new customers it gained in its recent acquisition of The Administrative Assistants, Ltd. (aal). Under the program, eSIS customers will gain valuable access to Pearson’s broader technology platform. The program also entitles the customers to free licenses and services to implement PowerSchool over a multi-year period.

School districts served by TRECA and NWOCA will use the eSIS Customer Advantage program to implement Pearson’s PowerSchool. TRECA, a consortium of more than 40 Ohio school districts located primarily in Delaware, Knox, Marion, Morrow, Muskingum, and Wyandot counties, provides software, hardware, staff development, and technology integration support for member schools. NWOCA serves 41 public education entities and 37 non-public education entities in Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Lucas, Williams, and Wood counties in northwestern Ohio. NWOCA is owned and operated by the Northern Buckeye Education Council (NBEC).

“When presented with the cost and schedule, almost every one of the [TRECA member] districts decided to make the move to PowerSchool by next school year,” said John Shank, TRECA Chief Programs Officer.

Through its robust set of communications tools, PowerSchool will provide access to secure, real-time, student information through a web browser—effectively creating an interactive and stronger dialogue between parents, students, and teachers.

NWOCA member districts “liked the interface to PowerSchool, the ease of use, user-friendliness, and reporting options,” said Teresa Williams, Director of Student Services / Education Management Information System (EMIS). “They also liked the versatility of the product to run on multiple platforms and the single database per district as opposed to a shared database for all.”

PowerSchool’s tools and features add value and functionality for district users. “Districts will be able to retrieve the data entered into their SIS more easily,” Williams said. “Districts will also have the ability to customize to meet their needs.”

A Parent Portal providing parents with the ability to access all their children's records with a single login is also a desired feature. “Having the Parent Portal as an integrated part of the SIS will be very helpful,” Shank said. “The feedback from two of our larger districts now using the Parent Portal has been very positive.”

The decision of TRECA members to move to PowerSchool was further supported by access to support and training opportunities from Pearson, including PowerSource, Pearson’s community-focused website for support, services, downloads, and training. “PowerSource’s online tools for training, help sheets, and support materials will be an advantage for districts,” Shank said.

“By selecting PowerSchool, districts can create an open, integrated solution that enables the districts to focus on personalized learning to drive student achievement,” said Paul Fletcher, president of the School Systems group of Pearson. “Our team looks forward to working with each eSIS customer to understand their unique needs and how the Pearson solutions can help them reach their student achievement objectives.”

For more information about the eSIS Customer Advantage program, visit www.pearsonschoolsystem.com.

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