Enhanced MBMD™ Assessment Assists Healthcare Professionals to More Effectively Manage Pain Patients' Care
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Enhanced MBMD™ Assessment Assists Healthcare Professionals to More Effectively Manage Pain Patients' Care

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — January 5, 2011 —

Leading learning company Pearson today announced enhancements to the Millon™ Behavioral Medicine Diagnostic (MBMD™) test, including a norm group of chronic pain patients and two pain patient reports—for presurgical and nonsurgical patients—developed to assist psychologists, neuropsychologists, health psychologists and other healthcare professionals to more effectively manage pain patients' care.

The MBMD test, designed specifically for medical patients, assesses a wide range of psychological characteristics. With minimal burden on the patient, the MBMD provides comprehensive results that identify a patient’s strengths and weaknesses and can be incorporated into treatment planning.

"We undertook extensive research in developing the chronic pain norm group," said Dr. John Kamp, senior research director for Pearson’s Clinical Assessment group. "The normative sample comprises 1,200 patients across the United States being treated for issues involving chronic pain."

Renowned test authors, Theodore Millon, PhD, DSc, and Michael Antoni, PhD, developed the MBMD test's new pain patient reports using a comprehensive review of literature, input from experienced practitioners, and extensive reliability and validity data. Norm-referenced scores compare the patient to both a general medical norm sample and the chronic pain norm sample. The Presurgical Pain Report focuses on surgical risk factors and includes information on major and secondary outcome risks as well as postsurgical patient behavior. The Nonsurgical Pain Report includes pre-treatment considerations, information on psychosocial management needs, and potential long-term gains and challenges.

The availability of two pain patient reports, along with the previously available Bariatric and General Medical Reports, adds breadth to the MBMD test, representing the latest in a series of enhancements in continuing efforts to keep the Millon tests relevant and contemporary for clinicians. These reports are offered with Q Local™ scoring and reporting software as well as with mail-in and fax-in scoring. The pain patient reports and a new manual supplement for the MBMD test are now available.

"Pearson enhanced the MBMD to better meet the needs of our customers. By using customer feedback in our upgrade process, we can best understand what is most important to practitioners and enhance the quality of the assessment," said Carol Watson, president of Pearson's Clinical Assessment North America group.

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