Pearson Perspective Launches Redesigned Site
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Pearson Perspective Launches Redesigned Site

Bloomington, MN — March 19, 2010 —

Education service and solution provider Pearson announced today the redesign of its advanced remediation and enrichment solution Perspective™. Perspective ties high-stakes student assessment to classroom instruction by providing students with supplemental resources based on their assessment scores. Grounded in an extensive usability study, student observation, and user feedback; the redesign features improved navigation for users as well as significant improvements to its Learning Locator feature.

Perspective now features a contemporary palette and makes use of graphical elements to focus student attention in a manner that is more in-tune with student understanding of Web site navigation. Rather than being directed in a single path, students are able to explore and discover elements on their own within the Perspective site.

Perspective’s Learning Locator feature, which provides students with educational resources tied to their assessment performance, has been enhanced as well. Now, when students enter their Learning Locator codes, the materials they receive are presented using a student friendly, “stop light” methodology which prioritizes resources with red, orange, yellow, green color-coding. Students immediately recognize those areas that should receive priority and those areas that may be considered enrichment or should receive less focus.

Pearson designers, usability scientists and product developers worked with students, teachers, and parents over the course of several years to fully understand how users interacted with Perspective. Through interviews, direct observation, and other design research methods they learned what site changes would have the greatest impact in encouraging student participation and facilitating learning while balancing the needs of various users.

“The Perspective redesign is an example of the continuous improvement processes that we proactively engage in to deliver better value to our customers.” said Douglas Kubach, President and Chief Executive Officer, Assessment and Information group of Pearson. “By engaging with our customers, implementing best practices, and exploring innovative ideas; we continue to deliver on our goals of facilitating student learning and achievement with cost effective technology solutions.” he added.

Implemented state-wide in Minnesota in 2007, Perspective has had over 877,000 unique visits to date.

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