Pearson Announces Three New Upgrade Editions for PowerSchool®
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Pearson Announces Three New Upgrade Editions for PowerSchool®

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. — June 15, 2010 —

Pearson, the global leader in education technology and services, today announced three new options for its PowerSchool student information system (SIS) customers that will extend the capabilities of its market-leading software. These editions, known as Pearson’s K12 Learning Suite, offer each PowerSchool district a unique path to drive student achievement and enable personalized learning. Pearson’s K12 Learning Suite integrates data, analytics, and digital content to engage learners, involve parents, and give educators the tools to make real-time, student-centered decisions.

The PowerSchool editions offered under Pearson’s K12 Learning Suite include the following:

  • PowerSchool – Studio Edition: PowerSchool customers can upgrade to PowerSchool – Studio Edition, which provides a platform for seamlessly integrating aligned digital content and assessments with analytics, nextgeneration web tools, and PowerSchool through a single point of access. PowerSchool – Studio Edition determines what students know, compares results to aligned educational standards, and recommends precise content to remediate or accelerate learning. Released in 2009 as “Project Tapestry,” PowerSchool – Studio Edition enables students to take control of their education with immediate access to their performance progress.
  • PowerSchool – Limelight™ Edition: By upgrading to PowerSchool – Limelight Edition, PowerSchool’s student management capabilities are augmented with a standards-based assessment engine to measure performance and provide detailed analysis. Through single sign-on, educators can quickly determine each learner’s skill level and make student-centered decisions to address achievement.
  • PowerSchool – Fronter® Edition: PowerSchool – Fronter Edition enables innovation for educators by delivering a trusted digital platform for learning. Pearson seamlessly integrates its market-leading student information system and learning platform to provide a complete, flexible toolset that fosters collaboration and engages students. PowerSchool – Fronter Edition harnesses the power of today’s interactive web tools into a single, easy-to-use learning environment. Teachers using PowerSchool – Fronter Edition can quickly build their own personalized virtual classroom, assembling digital content and facilitating communication and collaboration for student use anytime, anywhere.

Each of these PowerSchool editions connects discrete educational systems, including student information, assessment, digital content, reporting, and analysis to provide immediate access to information. Pearson designed the K12 Learning Suite to help each district to choose the components that best meets its immediate needs, with an eye toward long-term opportunities and growth to ultimately drive student success.

“When talking to schools and districts around the country, we are often asked ‘Why choose Pearson?’ With the launch of the Pearson K12 Learning Suite, we are able to show educators that they have access to the depth and breadth of the solutions that only Pearson can bring to the market,” states Paul Fletcher, president of the School Systems group of Pearson. “We are uniquely positioned to integrate the marketleading SIS with analytics and digital content; only Pearson customers can realize the value that the world’s largest educational technology provider offers.”

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