Pearson Announces Delaware Valley Friends School Upgrade to PowerSchool® - Studio Edition
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Pearson Announces Delaware Valley Friends School Upgrade to PowerSchool® - Studio Edition

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. — July 27, 2010 —

Pearson, the global leader in education technology and services, today announced that Delaware Valley Friends School (DVFS), a private, college preparatory school in suburban Philadelphia, has chosen to upgrade its current student information system, PowerSchool®, to the new PowerSchool — Studio Edition. This new version of Pearson’s market leading system will allow the school to connect the dots between data, content, and achievement, thus enabling personalized learning and measurable student performance.

Established in 1987, Delaware Valley Friends School prepares students in grades 6 through 12 to succeed in college and in life. The typical student at Delaware Valley has language-based learning differences such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, attention deficit disorder, and executive functioning issues. A PowerSchool customer for six years, the school chose to upgrade to PowerSchool — Studio Edition to add course management features and explore assessment options.

“The flexibility of PowerSchool — Studio Edition will allow us to focus on and address the unique needs of our student population and their families,” said Dave Brubaker, academic systems director at Delaware Valley Friends School.

PowerSchool — Studio Edition’s web-based connected learning environment offers DVFS several advantages. It will provide a platform for integrating digital content and assessments with analytics, advanced web tools, and PowerSchool in real time through a web browser. “PowerSchool — Studio Edition offers features that allow us to match our curricular needs with individual student learning needs based on real time information,” Brubaker said. “We have been able to customize the numerous academic and demographic reports we wanted to maintain our complex academic programming.”

The options, features, and customizations available in PowerSchool — Studio Edition meet the needs of DVFS’s academic program. As a small school with differentiated instruction integral to its academic program, DVFS uses highly detailed personal information to develop learning profiles for each student. “PowerSchool enabled us to develop a learning profile for each student that is available to teachers and administrators through PowerSchool,” Brubaker said. “These individual learning plans allow each teacher to customize their teaching to that student.”

DVFS teachers appreciate PowerSchool’s customization abilities and gradebook feature. Teachers are now able to spend more time in the classroom instructing students, rather than doing administrative work. Through its set of communications tools, PowerSchool effectively creates an interactive dialogue between parents, students, and teachers, and provides real time access to student information. “There are no surprises when parents come in for conferences,” said Brubaker. “Conferences can be more productive. With PowerSchool – Studio Edition, the parents and teachers will have even more specific information to discuss regarding the student’s learning plan.”

The decision to upgrade to PowerSchool – Studio Edition was further supported by DVFS’s access to support and training opportunities from Pearson, including advanced learning summits and PowerSchool University. “The support provided by PowerSchool support staff provides a source of security as issues are raised and resolved,” Brubaker said. “The expertise of Pearson’s trainers and the high level of skills we’ve seen give us confidence to increase our use of PowerSchool.”

“At Pearson, we are excited to see our customers upgrade their PowerSchool implementations to PowerSchool – Studio Edition,” stated Paul Fletcher, president of the School Systems group of Pearson. “We are confident that as the educational landscape evolves to integrate more systems to drive student achievement, Pearson is positioned to help schools like Delaware Valley Friends realize their goal to personalize learning for their students.”

DVFS users appreciate Pearson’s commitment to PowerSchool’s ongoing development, technological advancement, and solid educational philosophy. “Pearson has a lot of experience and interest in educational content and understanding how educators may look at things in PowerSchool,” said Brubaker. “Bringing all of this together into one solution is a great fit for our school.”

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