New Pearson Report, “Learning Matters: A New Ecosystem of Educational Resources,” Defines Breakthrough Technologies that Drive Student Performance
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New Pearson Report, “Learning Matters: A New Ecosystem of Educational Resources,” Defines Breakthrough Technologies that Drive Student Performance

New York, NY. — February 22, 2010 —

Hardly a day goes by that President Obama does not remind the nation of his fierce commitment to raising the bar for today’s students, with the goal of making every one of them college and workforce ready. As states consider new models and approaches for improving student performance to meet Obama’s challenge, Pearson today released “Learning Matters: A New Ecosystem of Educational Resources,” the report that assists districts in evaluating new learning technologies that drive student achievement.

The 12-page white paper is authored by Jim Behnke, who is Chief Learning Officer of the education, services and technology company Pearson and a member of the Board of the IMS Global Learning Consortium. He said, “There has never been a more transformational time in the field of education as new tools, technologies and approaches to instruction are driving breakthroughs in teaching and learning that seemed merely theoretical just a few years ago.” Behnke added, “Today’s digital natives are primed for non-linear, dynamic and rich educational experiences. Many of them have spent their entire lives immersed in an era of video games and high bandwidth online content. Instructional approaches and resources need to appeal to the sensibilities of today’s learners.”

Behnke explains the Connected Learning Environment of the new instructional “ecosystem” as containing four main ingredients:

  1. Educational Content Sources – from teacher-developed materials to commercial publishers to open source repositories;
  2. Search Services including the creation of a truly useful search engine for teachers and students;
  3. the Construction of Solutions for Learning, including lesson content, virtual courses, interim assessments, collaborative online activities, the learning objects – building blocks for developing an online curriculum, and reference libraries; and
  4. Flexible Delivery Options embracing modern technologies including mobile devices, ebook devices and Smart Boards/White Boards.

Behnke noted that digital resources will play a critical role in the ability of states to make advances in innovation and reform to qualify for the President’s Race to the Top and Investing in Innovation funding. He said, “We believe the new instructional ‘ecosystem’ will present the states with many opportunities to better address the President’s education agenda. Our research shows that students are hungry for digital learning and gravitate to the online experience. Because there are now systems in place to help educators make more effective use of content, we believe there are many more reasons to ‘think differently’ about education than ever before.”

Pearson is the world’s largest educational technology company and has held the leadership position in digital education and assessment, learning management platforms, and data systems for more than a decade. Its continuing large-scale investment in new technologies and services to meet the needs of today’s students has provided the platforms and capabilities that drive the “ecosystem” Behnke describes. He said, “We are here today to help states realize their Race to the Top goals and to work with all schools who share the goal of college- and workforce-readiness. We are eager to be a flexible and creative partner, adapting our capabilities to work effectively in this fast-moving and fascinating new era in American education.”

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