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We’re committed to creating positive social impact in everything we do. Through a combination of ensuring the efficacy of our products and services, external and internal campaigns, and sustainability and social innovation, we support causes and issues that help remove the barriers to achieving better learning outcomes.

Building a sustainable business

We’re growing our business by addressing social and environmental needs and impacts, and we’re partnering with other organizations who can help us shape the future of learning.

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Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our 2020 Sustainability Plan is designed to support our business and global efforts to address some of the world’s biggest challenges: lack of access to education, growing inequality, high youth unemployment, unprecedented migration and conflict, market disruption caused by technology and artificial intelligence, and pressure on our natural resources.

UN Member States have adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement to tackle climate change. We have an opportunity and a responsibility to play our part in delivering these landmark agreements. By supporting the SDGs, we’ll help create a better world in which our business can grow and we can more effectively achieve our mission to help people improve their lives through learning.

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Getting every child learning

Every child deserves an education. But around the world, millions of children aren’t in school because of conflict, natural disasters, and other emergency situations. These children are vulnerable to the risks of child labor, early marriage, and recruitment into militia groups. We’re partnering with Save the Children to make a difference.

Tiny cubicle giving that could change the world

Every Pearson employee is given $25 in Kiva credit to make loans of their choice. This helps people all over the world find access to education and other essential needs. As of 2016, our employees have given over one million dollars in loans.

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Efficacy & research

In 2013, we launched our efficacy program and committed to publicly and transparently report on the impact of our products on learners. Our efficacy and research teams collaborate deeply with our customers, product developers, improvement teams, sales and marketing teams, and others to make sure that our products and services deliver on their intended outcomes.

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NBC Parent Toolkit

We’ve partnered with NBC to create a new resource that can help you navigate your child’s Pre-K–12 journey. It looks beyond academics at the child's entire development.

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Supporting teachers

Educators are vital to helping people make progress in their lives through learning. We’re inspired by how teachers encourage students and shape their successes — from the classroom to graduation and beyond.

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