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Returning Customer

If you already have an account, login using your email address and password. Please note that ordering from Pearson via other methods does not necessarily mean you have an online account.

Difficulty Logging In

If you have ordered from Pearson online before and have difficulty logging in, try logging in from the My Account button in the upper right. If you can't log in, choose the Forgot Password link to email yourself a link to use to reset your password.

New Online Customer

  • The Account button at the top right gives you the ability to set up a new online account – providing you access to all of our convenient site features and to check out quickly. Once your account is set up, use the Account button to modify any of your account information.
  • Once you have logged in, locate the items you would like to purchase by using the Search field at the top of the page or by browsing through product categories. On each product page, you'll be able to shop from the Pricing & Ordering tab or be directed to contact information.
  • Once you have added and verified all the items in your cart, click Checkout.
  • The checkout process has three steps (four counting the initial Qualification setup): Qualifications (as necessary); Step 1: Shipping Information; Step 2: Billing Information; and Step 3: Submitting your Order.

If You Order by Phone

  • Phone in your order to: 800-328-5999 or Fax: 888-556-2103
  • Please provide your account number. If this is your first order, or if you do not have your account number handy, we will be happy to assist you.
  • Identify the name and product code of the items you wish to order. If you do not have the Pearson catalog at your fingertips, we will be glad to help.
  • Our representatives will verify the price for each of the items you have ordered.
  • You will receive a confirmation number for your order.
  • Please record your confirmation number on your order notes. This allows any of our representatives to retrieve your order immediately should you need to inquire.

If You Mail Your Order

  • We suggest that you review the Terms and Conditions section. It should answer any questions you may have, but if it does not, please call us for assistance.
  • Make a copy of the completed order form for your records.
  • Mail the completed form, along with your purchase order (if applicable) to:
    Customer Service
    PO Box 599704
    San Antonio, TX 78259

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Call us at 800-228-0752

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