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Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test®-Third Edition

Overview: The standard in the nonverbal assessment of ability

Accreditation: Sold only to accredited/approved schools & school districts

Age Range: Levels A-D: ages 5:0-11:5* Levels E-G: ages 9:6-17:11 *Norms are also provided for children aged 4:0–4:11 for NNAT3 Level A to be used with high-ability preschoolers. However, because of its difficulty, the test is not appropriate for general use with children younger than 5 years old.

Administration: 30 minutes, Online or Paper-Pencil, Group-Administered

Forms: Levels A, B, C, D: 2 forms per level Levels E, F, G: 1 form per level

Norms: Naglieri Ability Index (NAI), percentile ranks, stanines, scaled scores, and normal curve equivalents (NCEs) by age

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