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Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test®-Third Edition


Overview: The standard in the nonverbal assessment of ability

Accreditation: Sold only to accredited/approved schools & school districts

Age Range: Levels A-D: ages 5:0-11:5* Levels E-G: ages 9:6-17:11 *Norms are also provided for children aged 4:0–4:11 for NNAT3 Level A to be used with high-ability preschoolers. However, because of its difficulty, the test is not appropriate for general use with children younger than 5 years old.

Administration: 30 minutes, Online or Paper-Pencil, Group-Administered

Forms: Levels A, B, C, D: 2 forms per level Levels E, F, G: 1 form per level

Norms: Naglieri Ability Index (NAI), percentile ranks, stanines, scaled scores, and normal curve equivalents (NCEs) by age


Product Details

NNAT3 improves on the most trusted name in general ability testing with new content and normative data, paper-pencil and online administration options, and a new online interface.

The NNAT3 is a nonverbal  measure of general ability for students in kindergarten through grade 12, ideal for use with a diverse student population. NNAT3 is specifically developed for use by a variety of education professionals, including, but not limited to, bilingual educators, testing coordinators, gifted and talented teachers, special education teachers, functional life skills facilitators, counselors, and school psychologists.

What's New in NNAT3?

  • Newly developed items and normative data
  • Increased security with two unique forms per level (levels A-D)
  • New and user-friendly online interface

NNAT3 has the same great features that you've come to know, such as a 30 minute administration time, 48 multiple-choice items per form, paper/pencil and online options, and group administration. Manual score entry and scoring service options are also still available.


Manual score entry and scoring service options are available.



Upcoming Webinars

  • Come explore Pearsons solutions for Ability & Achievement

    Presenter: Rob Dyson

    Pearson has long set the standard for ability and achievement testing. In this brief 30 minute webinar, we will showcase the new NNAT3 as well as highlight the benefits of using the OLSAT 8, and Stanford 10 for your ability and achievement testing which is commonly used for gifted identification and program placement. Participants will also see how our solutions can help identify gifted students that have traditionally been underserved.

    Date: Dec 03, 2018  Time: 12:00 PM EST  Register Now
    Date: Dec 04, 2018  Time: 04:00 PM EST  Register Now


Pre-recorded Webinars

  • What a Nonverbal Ability Test Is...And Isn't

    Presenter: Dr. Jack Naglieri

    In this webinar, Dr. Jack Naglieri, the author of the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test, explains the difference between nonverbal ability assessments and other measures typically used for identifying gifted students. Dr. Naglieri will also show how our nonverbal assessment can be used in tandem with other programs to provide holistic views of student ability.

    Date: Oct 20, 2015

    link Video: What a Nonverbal Ability Test Is...And Isn't




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Pricing & Ordering

ONLINE Minimum Order Charge

A minimum order charge of $250.00 is required if you are purchasing this ONLINE product for the first-time.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Pearson Customer Service

1-800-328-5999 or contact us online

For pricing options for NNAT3, please contact a Pearson Specialist at 800-328-5999.

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