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Overview: WriteToLearn™ is a complete online tool for building writing skills and developing reading comprehension for students in grades 4-12.

Other Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese

Administration: Online

Completion Time: 15-50 minutes

Scores/Interpretation: Automated Scoring


Product Details

Growing Literacy Skills for Every Student

WriteToLearn™, a fully automated online literacy tool, assesses writing and returns targeted instructional feedback within seconds, providing opportunities for students to build writing skills and develop reading comprehension while expanding their vocabulary. The embedded writing activities and multilingual support tools such as text-to-speech in English, Spanish and Chinese, embedded picture/text dictionary, word prediction and writing tips and summary hints to help scaffold the writing process.

Effective Literacy Instruction

WriteToLearn offers three activities for improving literacy skills:

  • Summary Writing – to develop reading comprehension
  • Vocabulary – to expand word knowledge
  • Essay Writing – to build writing skills

Support for English Learners

WriteToLearn supports a variety of learning strategies that are beneficial to English language learners:

  • Summary writing activities promote close reading of informational texts, aiding students in identifying main and supporting ideas.
  • Intelligent hints emphasize important ideas students may have missed while reading.
  • Personalized vocabulary exercises teach academic and domain-specific vocabulary to support reading development and content-area learning.
  • Leveled essay feedback with examples gives suggestions for improvement.
  • Guided essay writing tips help scaffold the writing process.
  • Writing activities from across subject areas are for English language learners.

Alignment with College & Career Readiness Standards

WriteToLearn is the only online writing instruction tool developed to reinforce the interplay between reading, writing, and vocabulary—the bedrock of literacy and key elements of the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS). By original design, the program includes activities and features that are now emphasized in the CCRS, such as:

  • Practice writing across the curriculum with informational texts from a variety of subject areas, including many reading passages focused in the areas of English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies
  • Development of reading comprehension through summary writing activities
  • Use of increasingly difficult texts since all of WriteToLearn’s reading passages include a CCRS grade band to identify text complexity

For a complete understanding of how WriteToLearn can improve literacy performance specifically around understanding and reasoning about authentic text for CCRS, we invite you to read our CCRS report.


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