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Otis-Lennon School Ability Test®, Eighth Edition
(OLSAT 8®)

Overview: Assess the Abilities that Relate to Success in School

Accreditation: Sold only to accredited/approved schools & school districts

Age Range: K-12

Administration: Online or, Paper-and-pencil; group-administered

Completion Time: Varies by level, maximum 75 minutes

Forms: One (Form 5) with seven levels

Norms: School Ability Index, Percentile Rank, Stanine, and NCE by age; Percentile Rank, Stanine and NCE by grade; Achievement/Ability Comparisons when administered with Stanford 10, and Scaled Scores to represent performance on a continuous growth scale and to allow for out-of-level testing situations

Scoring Options: Machine scoring via Pearson Scoring and Reporting Services, (local scoring and reporting), Results Online (reporting only), or hand scoring

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