Always Learning


Real-time reporting to strengthen response to intervention

Schoolnet reporting helps your response to intervention (RTI) process work better than ever. Actionable, real-time analytics allow you to personalize learning for individual students and respond to learning difficulties right away. This data-driven instruction is the best way to teach and learn in today's flipped classroom.

Schoolnet helps everyone be responsive and work together.

Elevate Learning

Spend less time with paperwork and analysis and more time helping students learn concepts.


Address problems faster

Correct misconceptions in real time, rather than waiting for days or even weeks.

Learners own their learning

Schoolnet is self-motivating. Learners see their progress and key performance indicators.


Get the big picture and the close-up

Access data by individual, class, school, and district. School teams can work together, all on one secure platform.

Parents stay involved

Clear, timely information invites parents to support learning anytime and everywhere.