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Next-generation assessments to deepen thinking and learning

Schoolnet's next-generation assessments bring together knowledge, critical thinking skills, and interactivity. Next-generation assessments support deep learning and college and career readiness.

Schoolnet supports millions of learners across the United States

Elevate learning

Learn more about Schoolnet and the expanded Pearson Formative Item Bank. New technology-enhanced items and performance tasks give students a fun, interactive way to work with assessment questions, building better comprehension along the way.


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Blended and personalized learning

Schoolnet builds a “growth mindset,” in which students see their progress and own their learning.


60,000 test items, and counting

Safe, secure, all in one place! Create standards-aligned tests—edit, modify, or write your own test items.


Create an active learning culture

Engage every learner and get instant feedback! Schoolnet works with most clicker and student response systems.

Beyond the bubble test

Technology-enhanced test items focus on more complex tasks in line with next-generation assessments.