SchoolNet Assessment

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Always Learning

Schoolnet - Assessment

Create personalized assessments

Schoolnet enables educators to leverage outside content and create their own test questions. This flexibility provides the freedom to support deep learning and instructional improvement based on what individual educators want to measure.

Delivering assessments at any scale  

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Quick, targeted assessments provide teachers with meaningful data to inform and differentiate instruction for each student, a select group of students, or the class as a whole. Teachers can then design remediation to address identified areas of weakness or new skills can be taught as students provide evidence of mastery.

Assessments to deepen thinking and learning  

Realize the enormous potential of online testing with Schoolnet’s ability to deliver media-rich, interactive test items through the research-based, industry-leading TestNav test delivery system. Technology-enhanced items engage students by enabling interactions not possible with paper testing.

Flexible assessments

Import item banks into Schoolnet and get industry-leading, next-gen assessment delivery that mirrors a high-stakes student experience. Our new item types and enhanced scoring capabilities allow for more complex and rigorous items.

Support the needs of all students by moving online at your own pace

Online assessments streamline assessment administration to the student population, eliminating the need for costly paper test booklets and answer documents and providing real-time data for immediate analysis and instructional adjustment. Online assessments include accommodations and accessibility features that can be individualized based on student need and support an individual’s Personal Needs Profile (PNP).

Not ready to be online? Schoolnet also supports paper-based testing, scoring, and reporting.

Better data

Schoolnet tracks item and passage metadata, such as metrics and statistical data, so teachers know more about what the assessments measure:


  • Webb’s depth of knowledge

  • Authored difficulty

  • Percent correct or mean score

  • Correlation

  • Estimated response time

  • Number of student exposures


  • Lexiles

  • Flesch Kincaid

  • Reading maturity metric