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Always Learning

How we serve learners

Pearson develops and delivers large-scale assessments to provide key data on student readiness that can point the way to personalized instruction for next-generation learners.

From assessment design to scoring and reporting, our process involves educators, research scientists, content specialists, technology experts, and partners. Our team is dedicated to helping people make progress in their lives through learning.

Large-scale assessment services

Learning outcomes are at the heart of every Pearson assessment. Our commitment to preparing learners for college and career readiness is embedded in the services we provide.




We believe that psychometrics and measurement research must work hand in hand with assessment development. Pearson research scientists have achieved national recognition for their work with online testing, scaling and equating, legal defensibility, test security, and measurement best practices.  


Content expertise

Content expertise

We share a common goal with our customers and partners — to increase student achievement. We collaborate with you to build assessment content tailored to your unique curriculum standards, instructional challenges, and learning goals. We’re on the forefront of building engaging, accessible content aligned with college and career ready standards across the curriculum.

Item banking

Item banking

ABBI (Assessment Banking and Building for Interoperability) is our authoring, banking, test form building, and publishing platform. It’s specifically designed to handle next-generation online, interactive, and accessible content, and follows QTI and APIP standards. Pearson has developed, delivered, or exchanged more than 2.5 million QTI-compliant formative, summative, and large-scale assessment items.



We’re designing assessments that meet the unique needs of diverse learners and provide a barrier-free testing experience. Accessibility isn’t just a component of accommodated test production for us; it’s a foundational principle of assessment design and delivery. We’re committed to developing innovative item types accessible to all students.


Test administration and delivery

Our test administration system, PearsonAccess, powers your entire testing program, helping you manage online and paper testing and accommodations in one place. TestNav, our test delivery platform, supports both formative and summative assessments, delivering engaging test content to millions of learners every year.



With a scoring approach based on rigorous and repeatable quality standards, we’re the industry leader in human and automated performance scoring. Our capabilities include a full spectrum of subject areas for human and automated scoring. We also provide rangefinding services, professional development workshops, item evaluation, and scoring in other media.



Our team has more than 50 years combined experience delivering comprehensive reports that accurately reflect student performance. Our reporting capabilities include dynamic rostering, on-demand and published reporting, analytical reporting, and longitudinal reporting.

Technical help

Technical help

Our Customer Support team responds to more than 200,000 issues or inquiries per year. When you call for customer support, you’ll to talk to a live, qualified professional who can provide immediate assistance, and who appreciates that each caller is an individual with specific needs.

School Assessment Solutions

Our services are powered by our large-scale assessment solutions:

TestNav Logo

Pearson’s next-generation test delivery platform delivers millions of secure, high-stakes tests in K–12 schools every year


Pearson’s user-friendly, award-winning platform helps educators innovate the way their school districts gather and use data to support student learning and improve teaching.


Our next generation web-based technology platform supports end-to-end administration of large-scale assessments.


Access to thousands of enrichment learning resources helps teachers and students improve their performance. Educators can use Perspective’s simple navigation to create assignments, build tests, and personalize learning.

Understand Scoring

Teachers can learn more about the constructed-response scoring process through the Understand Scoring on-demand training module.

Pearson’s system for learning and assessment

Support instruction with immediate feedback and give educators the tools to adapt to each student’s learning needs so they can engage with every student on a deeper level.