Paper, Online or Both

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Always Learning

Paper, Online or Both

Pearson works with states and organizations on all points of the technology continuum. No matter where you are, we can help you build an effective large-scale assessment system.

Familiar Territory

At Pearson, we have a long history of delivering paper-based high-stakes, large-scale assessments. At the same time, our experts are pioneering new ways to use technology for innovative next-generation assessments. This balance makes us the perfect partner to help you meet your current needs and move forward when the time is right.

A graceful blend

If you are juggling a combination of paper and online testing, don’t worry. We’ve worked with several states taking the cautious approach to online testing, and understand that you need tools that will help you today as well as tomorrow. That’s why PearsonAccess — our web-based assessment management system — is built to adapt to your current systems and centralize all of your paper and online testing records, reports, and student information through a single online designation.

Transition to online testing

As you work to improve student outcomes, we can help you develop a custom assessment that meets rigorous college and career readiness standards. Our psychometric staff can work with you to design a pilot program to try out online testing and address any challenges to large-scale implementation. We’ve already helped several states move entire testing programs to online and technology-based assessments.