Scoring & Reporting
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Scoring & Reporting

Scoring and reporting make your assessment system a useful tool for teachers, parents, and students.

Calculating Student Scores

We can help you choose between a variety of scoring methods to optimize efficiencies while still being reliable, accurate, effective, and affordable.

  • Machine scoring: We score billions of multiple-choice tests each year and can help you securely transport completed bubble sheet forms and scan them for accurate results.
  • Teachers as scorers: Through web-based distributed scoring, teachers remotely score constructed-response and performance tasks for some high-stakes assessments.
  • Intelligent technology: Our visionary automated scoring technologies can accurately evaluate spoken and written student responses. This translates into rapid feedback for teachers and students.

Using Reports to Personalize Instruction

Innovative reporting solutions shorten the feedback loop and enhance the ability to make instructional decisions based on timely, accurate, and relevant data. Pearson’s web-based assessment and information management system, PearsonAccess, allows you to access student results and share reports with educators and parents all in one location.