Developing Content
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Developing Content

We share a common goal with our customers and partners: increase student achievement. To that end, we collaborate with you to build assessment content tailored to your unique curriculum standards, instructional challenges, and learning goals.

Wanted: 21st Century Skills

As college and career readiness standards are implemented across the country, large-scale assessments need to evolve to measure them. Pearson doesn’t take this challenge lightly. We’re collaborating with teachers and education experts to develop performance tasks and innovative, computer-enhanced items that measure higher-order thinking skills.

A typical standardized test requires nearly three years of development and involves thousands of educators in the process. Yet, all this work would be in vain if we didn’t work closely with our partners to develop test specifications corresponding to their curriculum standards. We’ve collaborated with several states to align assessment content to new college and career standards, including Common Core State Standards.