Data and Analytics
Always Learning

Data & Analytics

We’ll help ensure you’re getting valid assessment results and know how to analyze them to make the big decisions.

Grounded in Research

Our experienced researchers offer a full range of psychometric support both before and after an assessment administration to ensure you receive usable, reliable results.

  • Equating and scaling analyses
  • Reviewing and approving items and analyzing test data (traditional and item response theory)
  • Equating (linking) test forms
  • Performing standard-setting activities as needed in support of establishing a cutscore
  • Authoring award-winning technical reports and reviews

The Big Picture View

With so many moving parts generating so much data, it's tough to turn it all into actionable information. On the one hand, you need to know everything about one specific student's entire history and progress. On the other, aggregate real-time statistics and historic trends. Students and staff are always moving, and your funding is directly contingent upon accurate reports. We get it, and we're here to help you.