Developing Assessments
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Developing Assessments

Pearson develops and delivers large-scale assessments to provide key data on student readiness that can point the way to personalized instruction for next-generation learners.

Effective Assessments: The Key Ingredients

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Developing Content

We collaborate with education experts to create test questions that undergo extensive reviews and field testing. We are also developing state-of-the-art performance tasks to better measure the 21st century skills vital for next-generation learners.



After more than 75 years as assessment experts, we’ve got every facet of paper testing down. And our industry-leading online testing system delivers more than 7 million secure, high-stakes assessments in K-12 schools every year.


Scoring & Reporting

Our scoring methods include machine scoring, specialized human scorers, and automated scoring. Above all, the goal is to provide secure, accurate, cost-effective reports that are easy for educators to access.


Data & Analytics

How do you convert data into actionable plans? With accurate, meaningful analysis, administrators can identify, implement, and improve curriculum interventions.


Personalized Instruction

In any educational assessment system, we believe the ultimate goal is to help educators prepare for college and career success.