Large-Scale Assessment
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Engaging, meaningful assessments for all learners

High quality assessments help state, district, and school leaders make informed decisions and help learners reach their potential by providing meaningful feedback.

At Pearson, we partner with states and districts to enhance instruction and improve learning outcomes. A trusted partner for over 60 years, our test development and delivery services are innovative, accessible, affordable, and effective.  

Meet our assessment team

We’re educators, research scientists, content specialists, and technology experts, committed to helping learners reach their full potential and preparing them for future success. With thousands of U.S. employees working on our school assessments, our purpose is to develop, deliver, score, and report on assessments to help learners in every stage of their journey.

Watch this video to learn about our Scoring Services team — where more than 20,000 people work to provide the right scores to every student, every time.

Behind the scenes of your child’s assessment

While millions of children across the U.S. sit down to take end-of-year assessments, the people of Pearson work behind the scenes to make sure administrators, teachers, and students have a seamless experience.