Dyslexia screening with aimswebPlus and Shaywitz DyslexiaScreen
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Early dyslexia screening is key for student success

More Powerful Together

aimsweb™Plus is a leading research-based screening, progress monitoring, and data management solution for foundational K–8 math and reading skills.

The Shaywitz DyslexiaScreen™ is an evidence-based, teacher-friendly, and quick rating scale designed for mass screenings for grades K–3. Choose targeted or universal screening — each rating takes less than five minutes to complete per student.


  • Documents educator ratings and concerns that show evidence of dyslexia risk status
  • Valid, reliable, norm-based student performance ratings that support educator observations
  • Multiple measures, which support best practice in screening and assessment
  • Ability to universally screen, identify risk, progress monitor, and report results in one seamless system

After screening: What's next?

Review data sets for next steps for intervention and/or instructional planning, or further assess the students identified as at risk for dyslexia.

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