FAQs about the MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales

Are the RC Scales considered "experimental?" Why not?

Do the RC Scales replace the Clinical Scales? Can I disregard the Clinical Scales and look only at the RC Scales profile?

Can I administer just the items that comprise the RC Scales as a "short" MMPI-2 administration, similarly to administering the first 370 items and printing the Basic Service Report (includes 10 Clinical Scales and 3 Validity Scales--L, F, K)?

Is there a plan to discontinue the Clinical Scales?

Are the Clinical Scales less valid than the RC Scales?

How should I incorporate the RC Scales into my evaluations?

Can the RC Scales be used in forensic assessments?

What if I don't want the RC Scales in my report as a forensic psychologist?

As a forensic psychologist, what do I say about the validity and reliability of the Clinical Scales now that we have the RC Scales, which have improved convergent and discriminant validity? How does this affect past cases for which I depended upon the Clinical Scales?

How do I explain discrepancies between what the Clinical Scales and the RC Scales report?

What kind of documentation is available for the RC Scales?

Do you have references or articles on the RC Scales?

What is the research base for the RC Scales?

How were the RC Scales developed?

Do the RC scales contain the same items as the Clinical Scales? Which items were dropped, were there new items included?

Do the RC Scales overlap?

What are the intercorrelations of the RC Scales, and in comparison, of the Clinical Scales?

What are the test-retest reliabilities of the RC Scales?

What are the internal consistencies of the RC Scales?

Why don't scales 5 and 0 have corresponding RC Scales? Will they have RC Scales?

When will the RC Scales appear in other reports?

Can I apply existing Clinical Scale code-type research to the RC Scales?

What is the demoralization scale?

Where can I get training on the RC Scales?

Do I use the traditional cut-offs to evaluate elevations on the RC Scales?

I'm interested in conducting research on the RC Scales, who can help me with this?

How do I purchase the RC Scales?

How can I get the RC Scales for a previously scored MMPI-2 Extended Score Report record in my Q Local software?

Are the RC Scales K-corrected? Why not?

Will the RC Scales facilitate a shortened version of the MMPI-2 test in the near future?

Clinical Scale 3 and RC3 don’t measure the same thing and are not highly correlated. Why is that?

The RC Scales seem to overlap with the Content Scales. What’s the difference between the RC Scales and the Content Scales?

What’s the difference between Content Scale Cynicism and RC3?

Do the RC Scales have utility with non-clinical populations that typically produce within normal limits profiles, like personnel/employee testing and child custody evaluations?

Multiple elevations on the Clinical Scales make sense because clinical syndromes are complex and there are high rates of comorbidity with disorders. How do the simplified, non-overlapping RC Scales tap into this?

How do I interpret an RC Scales profile where demoralization is the only elevated scale?

Current interpretive guidelines suggest that clinicians incorporate the RC Scales and non-K-corrected T scores, so why does Pearson offer interpretive reports that don’t include these measures?

How do I interpret an MMPI-2 with a well-defined and elevated code type in the absence of elevations on the RC Scales? Should I rely on the code type?

What is a well-defined code type (for the original Clinical Scales)?

How do I interpret an elevation on one or more RC Scales in the absence of any elevations on the Clinical Scales?