Our Technology
Always Learning

Our Technology

Changing the student assessment model from an annual snapshot to a process that continuously captures academic performance—providing students and teachers with immediate feedback, informing instruction, and tracking student growth—is a bold challenge. Automated scoring technologies are instrumental in effecting this change.

Providing the Tools to Personalize Learning

By providing immediate feedback, Pearson’s technology takes assessments to the next level. We have more than 15 years of experience in automated scoring, having invented many of the leading technologies that exist today for text, speech, and math scoring. We have patented applications of cognitive science, computational linguistics, and speech processing technology.

Automated Scoring

The heart of Pearson’s solutions is our automated scoring technology. With this technology:

  • Written texts are scored for language arts and content domains, such as science, social studies, and history

  • Spoken responses are examined for declarative knowledge and speech quality

  • Mathematics higher-order thinking skills are assessed in performance tasks

Reliable Alternative

For most aspects of writing and speaking, the reliability and validity of automated scoring already equals or surpasses that of human raters. Pearson’s customers rely on our patented solutions, supported by more than 15 years of research, for assessing students in a classroom or testing employees at work.