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Your students and employees succeed when you can build on a clear understanding of what they already know. Our instructional and testing solutions are designed to give you faster, more reliable results for each individual.

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E^Pro™, the English for Professionals Exam

E^Pro™, the English for Professionals Exam, was created to accurately and efficiently assess a candidate’s ability to apply comprehensive English communication skills in a professional setting.

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Kelly Gallagher, Sharroky Hollie, Sharon Vaughn, Roger Bonair-Agard, Bill Brozo

iLit is a core intervention program designed to accelerate performance for struggling readers. Students would use this program in place of a grade-level literature or English language arts program.

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Developing writers have varying skill levels and different learning styles. The new MyWritingLab accommodates these differences through personalized learning, integrated learning aids, and a more intuitive navigation.

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Prentice Hall Writing Coach

Jeff Anderson, Kelly Galagher, Evelyn Arroyo

Prentice Hall Writing Coach is a writing and grammar teaching resource with automated essay scoring for language arts prompts at paragraph and full essay level.

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Prentice Hall's EssayScorer

Grant Wiggins, Karen Wixson, Elfrieda "Freddy" H. Hiebert, Sharroky Hollie, Dr. Donald Leu, Sharon Vaughn, Kelly Gallagher, William G. Brozo, PhD

EssayScorer is a component of Prentice Hall Literature Common Core Edition--a comprehensive literacy program that teaches the new standards and helps students become better readers, better writers, and better thinkers so they’re better prepared for college, careers, and beyond.

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Spoken Chinese Test

The powerful Versant scoring system returns feedback to test takers with their oral proficiency in Chinese in seconds, greatly reducing the time it takes to administer the test and use the results to screen candidates.

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The Versant™ product line includes automated spoken and written language tests that can easily be taken over a telephone or computer by large groups of candidates for screening, admissions, placement, or training purposes.

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Build your students' reading comprehension and writing skills with WriteToLearn, an online instructional and assessment tool that gives students immediate, targeted feedback.