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Reading Maturity Metric


Overview: Pearson's Reading Maturity Metric is a new and more accurate measure of the reading difficulty of texts. Developed by scientists at Pearson's Knowledge Technologies group, the new computer-based technology on average predicts the grade level of a text about 30 percent more accurately than traditional readability formulas.

Reading Level: Tool for assessing reading level

Administration: No administration. Everything done at the user level.

Completion Time: Seconds

Scores/Interpretation: Automated Scoring


Product Details

Free Text Complexity Tool

Pearson’s free Reading Maturity Metric™ (RMM) is the most accurate measure of text complexity. It employs modern language analysis techniques to measure deep characteristics of language and align any text to the new Common Core State Standards. Instant reports are delivered to users through their web browser.

How It Works

Traditional and current readability formulas rely on only a few, simple superficial measures, such as the average number of words in sentences and how frequently words are encountered in general or educational reading. This new measure utilizes a range of measures of the text structure, syntax, and vocabulary usage including Word Maturity. Word Maturity is a novel application of Latent Semantic Analysis, a widely used mathematical model of human language. Its application to text complexity, the Reading Maturity Metric, simulates how each of thousands of individual words gradually develop their unique meanings by being encountered in paragraphs entwined with already known words that implicitly define the new words. Learn more about the scoring technology.


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