Always Learning

Customer Stories

See how Pearson's automated language assessments have helped customers improve student learning and business efficiency across the globe.


Valverde Elementary School

Fourth-grade students in urban Denver elementary school take literacy skills to new levels with Pearson's WriteToLearn.Watch video.

Georgia Middle School

Georgia middle schoolers harness technology and individualized learning to improve reading comprehension and writing skills. Watch video.

Cedar Shoals High School

With Pearson's WriteToLearn, English language learner progresses from struggling writer to passing Georgia state assessment to planning for college and career in medicine. View full story.


Netherlands Ministry of Justice

The Ministry leverages Versant to measure speaking, listening, and reading skills for simple spoken Dutch at 110 embassies and 27 consulates around the globe. View full story.

Access Worldwide

A top BPO in the Philippines lowers cost and employee turnover rate with Pearson's Versant tests. View full story.

El Pollo Loco

Managers break down language barriers and increase customer satisfaction with Versant speaking tests. View full story.

Korea World Cup Organizing Committee

The Committee systematically tested the English speaking skills of 15,000 geographically dispersed volunteers within one week using Versant tests. View full story.